Check Out The Latest Amazon Echo Show’s “Drop In” Feature Over Amazon Echo.

The Amazon is now launching its new Amazon Echo show that has a “Drop in” feature over Amazon Echo. Amazon will now be ready to take orders for it within 5-6 working days. It has “Drop in” feature that will now allow placing a sudden video chat with the other person, but you need to get one-time approval from that person.

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Now be ready to enjoy the new Amazon Echo show with its new exceptional features. Now you can play videos on your Echo show device by just giving the command to your Alexa to play the particular video from Youtube, Prime videos, etc. You can get a brief description of the weather condition. You can check out the latest movie timings that are now available in theaters. It will help you in analyzing the traffic on different routes. Thus you can plan the route with least traffic before leaving home. It provides you alternate routes for heavy traffic routes. You can not get detailed description about the movies and shows you are watching. It enables you to view song lyrics written on the screen while you are playing the songs. The new Amazon Echo show is cable of placing video calls to your friends who are either using Amazon Echo show or any smartphone.

It has a unique feature called “Drop in” that allows you to place video chats instantly with the another Amazon Echo show users that have given you the approval to connect to then at any time. During the initial connection of video chat, the picture might be somewhat frozen, but no need to worry as it is normal and it would become Clear after some time. While using this feature whenever you will place a video chat to any of the allowed users then you will get directly linked and would be able to see the person on another side. The other person needs not to do anything to get connected to you, once he/she has allowed you to place video. The “Drop in” is an elective feature the people who like this can enable this option else, let it be disabled.

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To obstruct the incoming video chats, you can enable the DO NOT DISTURB option either for selected contacts or all of your contacts. The green light on the Echo show device will keep glowing whenever you are on a Drop in video chat. Using this feature housewife’s can look after their baby when they are not at home. They just need to place an Amazon Echo Show in the room and enable it to receive video chat from your another Echo show device using the “Drop in” feature.

The initial price of this New Amazon Echo show is $229.99 with an excellent sound quality as compared to the older Amazon Echo and other speakers. It has a weight of  1.1 Kg with a 7-inch screen. Amazon will start placing orders for it within upcoming 6-7 days. So if you want to buy this Echo show then just place your order as soon as the shipment starts. Also just keep watching the upcoming news to get new updates related to Amazon Echo show.

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Do You Know The Biggest Hardware Problem Of Amazon Echo Device?

Amazon Echo is a smart device, which makes all your home devices smart. Echo and Dot both are smart devices, which works on Voice recognition technology. However, there are some glitches in these devices, which we need to work around. Software problems can be easily solved through power cycle but how to fix a Hardware problem?

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There are some hardware problems which can be easily fixed but there are few which can’t be fixed easily. Today, we are going to discuss all those hardware problems reported in Amazon Echo Setup.

  1. Amazon Echo Microphone Problem: The main job of the microphone is to listen to your voice. If the Echo mic isn’t able to listen to your voice properly, then the first step you can try is moving the mic closer to your mouth.

If the problem still persists, then instead of opening the hardware, it is recommended to call at Amazon Echo Support number or go to authorized service store. You can’t repair the hardware by yourself. Tearing of stickers and removing screws at home may void the warranty of your device.

Go to Amazon ‘Alexa app’ from settings and tap on ‘Voice training’. Here your voice and speech patterns will get recorded for flawless results. If you still experience the same problem then go to a service store and get it repaired.

Another troubleshooting step to fix this problem is by using a third-party app named ‘Ubi’. This will bypass the speaker and your Amazon echo device will then be controlled through your smartphone.

  1. How To Download Ubi: Download the Ubi app from play store and connect it to the device through www Amazon Com Echosetup. You can now use your device easily without any need of a microphone. This app will bypass its use.
  2. Amazon Echo Wi-Fi And Bluetooth Issues: Like other Bluetooth devices, Amazon Echo also works on Bluetooth connectivity. However, occasionally you may get the problem in connecting your Amazon Echo with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection. This may happen once in every two blue moons. The reason behind this problem is the network not working properly or software problem. If you have tried all the fixes to solve this problem and still getting the problem then either go to ‘support for Amazon Echo’ link or go to Amazon store for replacing it.

If you are getting problem related to Wi-Fi connection, then check the Wi-Fi on other devices whether it’s working normally on it or not. Restarting all the network related devices may solve this problem. If the problem still exists, then check the warranty of your device and get it replaced from the storefront.

  1. Amazon Echo Speaker Problems: This problem may differ in Amazon Echo and Echo dot. Amazon Echo is packed with full-sized speaker whereas Echo Dot has small speaker placed beneath its body. The problem of the speaker is hardly reported in Echo Dot but is common in Amazon Echo.

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If your Amazon Bluetooth system is working fine, then it would be better to connect the secondary speaker to Echo through a connection. This will bypass the inbuilt speaker of your Amazon device. This is the best solution to this problem otherwise, you won’t be able to repair it on your own. Support for this problem is not even available on Amazon Echo Help link.

If your Amazon Echo speaker starts playing fuzzy, tinny and muted sounds, then there is no best option other than connecting the secondary speaker via Bluetooth. This is the best and the easiest fix for this problem. You can easily pair Bluetooth speakers to Amazon Echo just as you do for other Bluetooth devices. In case of any help, you can take Alexa app help from the link.

Amazon Is Offering Huge Discounts On Its Upcoming Amazon Prime Day On 11th Of July, Tuesday 2017.

Amazon is going to celebrate its annual day on 11th of July, Tuesday. Amazon will offer significant discounts on all of its products starting from 6-7 hours before the onset of this Amazon prime day. There will up to 40% off on some of the Kindle subscriptions.

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Amazon is offering huge discounts on its upcoming Amazon prime day on 11th of July, Tuesday 2017. These discounts are, especially for Amazon Prime members. The deals for Kindle Unlimited and Music Unlimted are the best beneficial deals with huge discounts.

An excellent opportunity for new people to join Amazon at a very discounted price as Amazon is providing off up to £79 over one year of subscription. This discount is available until 3rd of July this year. The people who will register with Amazon before 3rd of July will get many advantages.

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Some of which are as follows :

  1.  Faster delivery within one day i.e. they can receive the order within one day, or on the similar day depending on the time you placed your order.
  2. The Prime video members can enjoy unlimited movies and shows.
  3. Through Prime music, they can gain access to more than thousands of play stations.
  4. They can read countless books, magazines, and newspapers from any of their devices like mobile phone, tablet or any of your E-readers.
  5. Enjoy unlimited access to all latest games with Twitch Prime subscription.
  6. With Amazon Prime photos they can keep a backup for all their lovely pics by saving them to Amazon drive.
  7. An exclusive right to get updates about all new upcoming offers from Amazon i.e. whenever a new deal arrives then the Prime members will receive a half hour early notification as compared to rest other subscribers.

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The Amazon Prime day discounts will start from 6-7 hours before 11th of July. Within every five minutes, an announcement for a new offer will be made. It may start on 10th of July from 6 pm onwards till the end of 11th July. The Amazon will give more than thousands of discounts within these 30 hours. So don’t miss the chance to pick the one you find the best.

The people who are one of the prime subscribers of Amazon can get up to 40% off on Kindle Unlimited membership for two years. They can get their two-year subscription at a discounted price of $143.86. If you are fond of audio books then also you can receive the same 40% discount on six months subscription i.e. it might cost you $8.95 a month. Thus it’s an excellent opportunity for all kind of Kindle users to save the money they usually used to pay for their reading. Moreover, the main deals are yet to start on 10th July in the evening so just wait for those to come in.

So, don’t forget to check in the Amazon Prime day’s upcoming deals and keep watching the news for more updates on Kindle.

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Dish And NexGTv Now A Featured App On Amazon Fire TV

In the extensive lineup of apps, Amazon’s Fire TV has now got enabled with the nexGTv and DISH Anywhere app, which you can add and enjoy the fine streaming.

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How is it going with your Amazon’s Fire TV? The digital media player has already marked up its place as one of the key media players in the competitive market. With the astounding features and services, the dynamic Fire TV has also been able to grab the attention of potential users around the world.

Apart from the apps, the digital media player also permits the users to play video games through a game controller or through the mobile app. Being the prime product of Amazon, the Fire TV has always got the updates in terms of apps and many features, which eventually results in the improvement in the performance of the media player.

Now, in the recent update, the web of Fire TV apps has now got the add-on of NexGTv and DISH Anywhere app. With these two add-ons, it is quite sure that the range of content will get better and the users will eventually enjoy the best content on the big screen.

DISH Anywhere App

As the DISH Anywhere app is now available on the Fire TV, it will be great for all the users who have subscribed to the DISH service. As all the subscribing users will be able to enjoy their favorite shows on their TV screen. Well, the app is also available on the Amazon Fire TV stick. Users should know that the DISH Anywhere is not any kind of streaming service like HULU, Netflix, or HBO NOW, but it is a companion app for the DISH network.

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If you have already subscribed to the DISH for the home TV, then it’s quite easy for you to watch out the DISH on your own big screen without the use of the app. But, those users who have not subscribe to the DISH on their TV can simply link the Amazon Fire TV and can use the app to stream on their big screen.

It will be the very first time for the DISH to place their app on any digital media streaming box and the media streaming devices that are actually made for the home. Till now, the app was only available on the mobile devices. The DISH Anywhere app will not only give the access to the live TV, but it will also render the on-demand content and all the saved content on the DVR. It will be best for all the travelers, as they can carry the fire TV stick with them which can be used at the hotel to stream the content.

NexGTv App

The subscription-based video entertainment app has now marked up its debut on the big screen, as the fine entertaining app is now available on the Fire TV stick and Fire TV, which can easily download from the Amazon India store. The app has also been displayed as the key app in the promotional material related to the product.

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Well, the full entertainment library which holds up around 500 movies and 100+ live national and regional TV channels are absolutely free on the Amazon Fire TV stick as the initial launch offer. The app will include some of the original programs like In my city, which is a popular web series featuring Priyanka Chopra, as well as classic international web-based content, TV shows and mega hits movies. All the existing subscribers can simply link their NexGTv accounts to the Fire TV and can kick start streaming on their big screen.

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Are You A Kindle User And Want To Grab Some Genuine Technical Support?

Being a user of Kindle, it happens many times that you face some technical error on your Kindle in such cases you can simply try a soft or hard reset, these two steps mostly fix the technical glitches.

Are you a Kindle user and want to grab some genuine technical support? You need to check the procedure of soft and hard reset. We all are aware of these two steps but here we’ll tell you how to perform the steps of soft and reset. Remember if you attempt hard reset you will lose the data from your Kindle, so backup is compulsory. Check out the soft and hard reset.

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Simple Restart Can Fix The Issue

According to many users they face many technical glitches om their Kindle device and restarting your Kindle device is the best option fix your particular issue. First, you can try a simple restart procedure, you just need to connect your Kindle device with charger and then power on your Kindle, this one is a simple way to fix your problem otherwise you can try other options as well.

Soft Reset Or Hard Reset

 If you’re going to perform soft reset then no worries because it won’t remove your secure passwords or any eBook that has been downloaded by you. Basically, this process will enhance the speed of your Kindle or resolve the issues of frozen home screen whereas if you perform a hard reset then you will lose your data. For more technical support, you can visit www Kindle com Support as well or simply get in touch with professionals.

  • If you have’ attempted the option of the soft reset and see no positive result then you need to attempt the hard reset.

Amazon also grips many professionals, who provide you satisfactory help. For more, you can make a call on Amazon Kindle Customer Service number.

  • It often happens that your hand loses the grip and you might drop your device. In such case, you need to get in touch with professionals. If your Kindle is under warranty then you will get the good fixation but if your warranty is over then you can get the refurbished version at a reasonable cost.

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Charge Up Your Kindle

First, you need to make a connection between your device and power cord but have to ensure that your battery is completely charged, as you see your device’s battery fully charged then you need to break the connection between your Kindle and power cord. For more support, you can get in touch with professionals as well.

•    If you’re going to perform a hard reset then you have to make sure that your Kindle should be 40 percent charge.

Back Up Your Essential Data

Remember if you’re going to wipe your Kindle device then you will lose all data such as passwords or files. You have saved all your third-party digital books and apps at different places. You just need to make a connection between your laptop/PC and Kindle with the help of USB cord and save you major data. The procedure is really simple, still, you want any help or precise guidance then visit Kindle Com Support or simply get in touch with professionals.

How To Setup And Use Amazon Alexa Calling?

Know all about placing and receiving phone calls with your Amazon Echo device. Read the article and get all the details.

Amazon Echo

Amazon echo is now offering calling and messaging service which is Alexa powered. This will be a new way of contacting your friends and family who also own Echo devices or have installed Alexa app on their iOS and Android devices.  The best of this feature is that it is completely free to use and it can work over wi-fi and cellular data both.

What Is Amazon Alexa Calling?

Amazon Alexa calling is Alexa to Alexa calling and messaging service that has been started by Amazon in the month of May. The feature was rolled out at the time of rolling out the new Echo speakers the Echo Show. This new speaker comes with a display screen and is focused around the audio and video calling by the users. For extending this same functionality to other devices of Echo, Amazon has made specially calling feature for Alexa.

What You Need For Using This Feature?

For making calls you will need an Amazon account, a phone number that is valid and the Alexa app on the device which is running on Android version 5.0 or higher or iOS version which is 9.0 or higher This service will be set with the help of Alexa app. After setup, the service can be used with an Echo and Echo Dot devices.

How Does Amazon Alexa Calling Work?

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Firstly, download Amazon Alexa app either from Apple app store or Google play store depending upon your device that you are using.  Open the app for signing up for the Alexa service, after that choose the conversation icon which is at the home screen and follow the on-screen instructions. Then you will be asked for confirming your name, enabling the access to your contact list and verifying your phone number via SMS. Your phone address book will be used by Alexa for finding the people having Alexa app or Echo devices.

Placing A Call

For making a call through Alexa app, you will need to choose the conversation icon at the home screen and then click on contact icon at the upper corner. This will show you all your contacts who have Alexa app or any Echo device. After this click on contact and then an option for making a call will come up. For making a call you will need to say that Alexa, call and name of contact. The contact must be listed under the contact screen of Alexa app and you will be required to say the name of the person same as it is appearing in the app. Otherwise, Alexa will not be able to understand. All the incoming calls and messages will be delivered to Alexa app and all the supported Echo devices.

Sending A Voice Message

For sending a voice message through the Alexa app, you will need to choose the conversation icon on the home screen. The conversation screen will show all your existing conversations. For starting the conversation, you can also click on start conversation icon and choose the desired contact. A separate pop-up screen will come irrespective of the method that you are using. Click on the blue color microphone button at the bottom of the screen for sending a new voice message.

Sending A Text Message

For sending a text message from Alexa app, you will need to choose the conversation icon on the home screen. The conversation screen will show all your existing conversations. For starting the conversation, you can also click on start conversation icon and choose the desired contact. A separate pop-up screen will come irrespective of the method that you are using. Click on the keyboard button near the microphone at the bottom of the screen for sending a message.

What Else Can You Do?

That’s it. But Amazon is also. planning to add the feature of call waiting and call transfer between the devices, placing the calls on hold and placing a three-way call. It will be interesting to see when these features will be added to Amazon Alexa calling.

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Grab The Kindle Edition Of ‘Half Girlfriend’

Being a user of Amazon Kindle you shouldn’t miss this amazing book, ‘Half Girlfriend’ by Chetan Bhagat. So, what are you waiting for? Go and grab it today.


As we all know that Kindle is the best option for those who are fond of reading books. This popular device needs no introduction and those who are already using this device, they are the firm evidence of the functionality and aspects of this superlative device. Being a user of Kindle if you find any technical mess then you can freely step inside the www Kindle com Support for the better fixation. Amazon holds various e-reader such as Kindle basic model, Kindle Voyage, Kindle Paperwhite and Kindle Oasis. The Amazon Kindle Oasis is the expensive one. And if you’re one of them those who love to read their favorite content at night time then we recommend you Kindle Paperwhite. This device also blessed with the anti-glare screen means, not only at night time you can even read your favorite content under the bright sunlight as well.

If we’re talking about reading then no doubt all the readers hold different taste and mood. Well, if you’re a Kindle user then we have something for you. This e-book is not so unique because we all know the title of this book plus we all know who is the title of this book. Alright, instead of creating suspense let us ask how it feels when you get half happiness? When you get half friendship? When you get half sorrow? We know the situation is kind of strange that how can someone get the half happiness or half sorrows well if someone can have a half girlfriend then why not these feelings? Yes, you are right, here we’re talking about the Chetan Bhagat’s ‘Half Girlfriend’.  All you need to do is just fill up the suitable credentials into Amazon login and grab this amazing e-book and if you feel any difficulty and login then take Kindle Help by getting in touch with professionals.

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Let us tell you the synopsis of this book, once upon a time, there was a boy from Bihar (India) called Madhav. He fell in love with damsel called Riya. Madhav wasn’t good in English but Riya was. He wanted a beautiful relationship but Riya wasn’t ready for this, she just wanted to be a good friend. Finally, Riya suggested a compromise and she agreed to be his half girlfriend. The story is actually unique and we don’t want any technical hindrance disturbs you, so if you feel that any technical bug is annoying you or knocking your Kindle’s door constantly then step inside the Kindle Com Support or simply contact professionals.

If you think you won’t get that enjoyment in reading the story then stay tuned for the movie which is based on this title (releasing on 19 May 2017). Half Girlfriend is an upcoming Indian romantic drama film which is based on the Chetan Bhagat’s novel of the same name. The film is directed by Mohit Suri and features and Arjun Kapoor and Shraddha Kapoor in the lead roles. Rest for any useful information and details, you can make a call on Amazon Kindle Customer Service number.