How To Solve Amazon’s Connectivity Issue And Restart Your Echo Device?

If you’re an Amazon Echo user and connectivity issue or don’t how to restart your device, then you need to check these simple steps. Take a glimpse at these steps once.

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If you’re facing the connectivity issue

Try these steps

  • You need to re-connect your Wi-Fi connection.
  • Remember you need a password and if you’re able to see the icon of the lock, means you have to fill up the suitable password, and one thing you need remember that you can’t fill up your Amazon account password here.
  • You need to check that other devices can make a connection with your network or not, if not then there’s some issue with your Wi-Fi networks. In such case, you need to get in touch with your Internet service provider, network administrator or technicians.
  • Your firmware should be updated (router and modem hardware).
  • If on Amazon, you have saved your password of Wi-Fi, but later you have changed then you need to enter your new password.
  • For security, often your router uses WPA + WPA2 by default, and if you want to fix the issue of connection, then you need to change your security type to WPA2 or simple WPA. If your router grips the option in which you can set the type encryption, then we recommend you go for AES.

Lessen Wi-Fi Congestions

You may struggle with the conflicting function on your Wi-Fi if your Wi-Fi holds more than one device.

  • If free bandwidth is not in use on your network, then you need to power off your devices.
  • You need to decrease the distance between your router, modem, and device, may be much distance or device may be blocking the signal strength.
  • If there’s any gadget around your device such as ovens, microwave, and fridge, etc. then you need to keep your away from those devices. If you need any Support For Amazon Echo, then you are free to contact professionals.

You need to start your Echo and network hardware again.

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You need to start your Echo, Internet modem, and router again, sometimes restarting your device shows your positive change.

1.After powering off your router and modem, you need to wait for a while.

2.Now start your modem and router again.

3.Now you need to wait for a while unless you don’t see your router and modem get fully powered on.

4.When your network hardware on the process of restart then you need to break the connection by unplugging the adapter from your Echo for around 3 seconds hardly. Then again plug it back.

After completion of the restart process, you need to start your Wi-Fi network again.

If still, you are facing the issue, then we recommend you get in touch with router manufacturer or network administrator or simply contact professionals and grab the Amazon Echo Help.

Unable to find Wi-Fi to fulfill the registration of Amazon Device.

If you want to make a connection to your Amazon gadget, like your Kindle e-readers, Fire TV, then the name of your Wi-Fi network is essential plus password as well.

Amazon Echo Dot

If you want to find the password of your network :

  • On your router, you need to check the sticker.
  • Take help of the manual’s directions or simply take a look at the installation guide.
  • Check out the wireless settings on your gadget, that have already got the link with a network like your system, mobile or MAC.

Windows PC

How to check wireless settings on Windows PCs : 

1.Make a left click on the icon of wireless which you see in the taskbar.

2.As you go to Connection tab, you will see the name your network below these options Name or SSID

3.The tab of Security on that you will catch your password next to the option of Network security key.

If you’re still unable to locate your network name or password, you can contact your internet service

For any Amazon Echo Support, you can get in touch with technicians.

Mac OS X

How to check wireless settings on OS X : 

1.You need to go to the Utilities folder, and then to Keychain Access app.

2.Make a click on the name of your wireless network and then hit the info button.

3.Now you see the box that resides next to Show Password; you need to check that.

If still, you see no change or any positive output, then you need to get in touch with your internet service provider or simply contact technicians.



Amazon Echo Device Vs Google Home

You can now use your Amazon Echo to control all of your home devices that are purchased from Amazon. You can even control the playback sounds like adjusting the volume before the actual content plays and eliminate the playback sounds.

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Amazon echo is one of the best speakers made by Amazon until today. It works with the help of Alexa Application. It has a cylindrical body that is 9.25 inches long. It takes inputs in the form of voice commands and can be used to play music and audio books, set alarms, get real time information regarding weather condition and traffic on different routes, etc. But now there are many new features introduced to Amazon echo with the help of Google Home. So now one can control all the Amazon devices with their Amazon Echo. We can control the playback audio’s sound level and even completely remove the playback audio from our Amazon Echo device. You can adjust the playback sound levels even by using the voice commands in spite of changing it from google home app.

The new features with Amazon Echo allow its users to operate their Fire T.V and Fire T.V stick by giving voice commands to Amazon Echo’s inbuilt Alex app. Google home also introduced a somewhat similar kind of feature that allows people to browse video content and adjust the playback sounds for their Chromecast devices with other smart speakers. Users will soon be able to block the unwanted calls and messages. Amazon says that they will add this feature to the Echo’s calling system within a couple of weeks as it was the most demanded feature that all of the users wanted.

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People who will buy new Amazon Echo will be able to enjoy these newly added features. If the users update their Fire T.V with the most recent version, then they can connect its set-top box with another cloud-based voice controlled devices developed by Amazon. Using this setup, they can adjust playbacks, browse videos, and use other available apps. To block the calls, you will need to open the menu for calls and messages using the voice commands for Alexa, then go to conversations and say to open contacts. Now name the contacts you want to add to the block list. To enable this calling feature with you Amazon Echo, you need to verify your contact number through a message. Sending this message will not charge your balance but will deduct few MBs from your internet data. People can also use the Do Not Disturb service to block the calls and messages for a short period. Activating this service will all the notifications related to incoming calls and messages on your number. Introduction to these two new features with Amazon Echo has resolved all the privacy concerns raised by its old users.

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The spokes person of Amazon said that “Starting today customers will begin to receive an updated Alexa app, which includes the functionality to block contacts.”

Fire TV and Fire stick can even enjoy the same features with the help of their voice controlled remote. These new features can be used with all Fire T.V and Fire Stick except the first version of Fire T.V stick.

So now it’s time to make your Amazon echo smarter than before with these newly added features.

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Amazon Echo Alexa Tips And Tricks

If you’re an Amazon Echo user and haven’t tried these tips and tricks, then time to give them a try. Check them out. For more details, you can check the following content.

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As we all are aware of Amazon Alexa and we don’t think so, we need to tell the smooth functionality and brilliant aspects of this superlative device. Well, here we are with some new tips and tricks for you. If you haven’t tried these tricks, then try them out now and those who are new to this amazing device, we recommend you visit professionals so that you can grab the precise steps regarding Amazon Echo Setup.

1. How different members can use Amazon Echo

If in your family many people have accounts on Amazon, then you do the addition of those members in your Alex household profile. If you want to know which profile is in use, you just need to utter, ‘Alexa, which profile is this?’ and then you will come to know the profile which is currently in use. Well, if you add different members it doesn’t mean, they have got the different shopping, content libraries are for everyone. Remember all the added members can use your Prime account too.

2. You can change the wake-up word

Well, just imagine if anyone in your family holds the name Alexa, then it becomes quite tough to deal with Echo, right? The option to get rid of this issue is to change the name of your wake-up word. But there’s one problem, you can choose your own name, you have to make a selection between Alexa, Computer, Amazon or Echo. These are the options; now you can select accordingly. Meanwhile, if you’re new to Amazon Echo, then you can visit www Amazon Com Echosetup, so you can grab the accurate steps regarding how to set up your echo.

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3. Alexa will repeat for you

It often when you give the verbal command but sometimes skips the response of Alexa, if this happens to you, then you simply need to say, ‘Alexa, can you repeat that?’ or you can also utter, ‘Alexa, can you say that again?’ and the voice of Echo will repeat for you. If you want to check your previous recordings, then you can check them easily plus also check the current responses by visiting Home tab.

4. You can efface the stored data in Amazon Echo

As we know whatever you speak or your verbal commands, everything gets stored on the servers of Amazon. If you don’t want to keep those recordings and data, then you can easily delete them. Now you have two methods to delete the data. To know those methods, just take an Amazon Echo Help by getting in touch with professionals.

5. Solve quick conversions and issue related to math

We all know that Alexa act as our best buddy, which helps out in our daily domestic work and activities. Now you can easily control the lights of your room with simple verbal command. And secondly Alexa is also a good math teacher, you can make complicated calculation within few seconds by giving Alexa a verbal command. And don’t forget, if you’re fond of cooking, then Alexa also help you out in cooking.

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6. Stream music via Bluetooth

Being a user of Amazon, you can easily catch the soundtracks from Amazon Prime Music, iHeartRadio, Audible audiobooks, Pandora, TuneIn Radio, and Spotify. The good thing is that Alexa will also read your favorite books for you. If you want to bump Apple Music, Google Play Music or your favorite tracks then first need to make the connection between your Alexa and system with the help of Bluetooth. Now you’re ready to stream any audio you want. Bump it loud.

7. Activate your wake-up sound

Well, if you don’t want to wait then you can simply say, ‘Alexa, turn on the lights’ and Alexa will follow it without taking a pause. If your Alexa is far from you and you’re not sure whether Alexa can listen to you or not. Simply, step ahead to Settings, (your Echo’s name), then to Sounds and toggle the Wake-up sound.

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The Best Amazon Fire Tablet Apps

Are you a Kindle user? If yes, then here we have some astounding apps for you. Check it out these apps and choose accordingly to install on your Kindle Fire device.

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Being a user of Amazon Kindle Fire, we would like to suggest some amazing apps. Here we have some fantastic apps; you can install on your Kindle Fire device. Once take a glance at these apps and choose accordingly, which one you’re going to install on your Kindle Fire tablet. Rest, if you need any technical help or assistance, then you’re free to get in touch with professionals as well.

Alarm Clock (by Apalon)


Being a user of Fire tablet, you need to give a try to Apalon’s alarm clock. This alarm clock app holds amazing settings and features. It’s not like that you have to go through the difficult procedure, just simple and basic settings regarding how to set your alarm, how to choose your favorite tone and all. When it comes to pro version, then you need to pay 99 cents and grab that version with no ads. If you find any difficulty in installing the app, then you can take Kindle Help by getting in touch with experts.

AndroZip Pro File Manager


Well, if you install this app on your device, then you can easily maintain your data. If you want your folders to look clean, then give a try to this amazing app once. The functionality of this app is so easy, just install it and you will come to know, how to use this app.

AP Mobile


If you’re going to install the AP (Associated Press) to your Kindle device, then let us tell you can catch the latest headlines which link with the Associated Press, and you will get the news in the form of text or video. You have the authority to modify your homepage. Being a news reader, you shouldn’t miss this amazing app. Autodesk Pixlr.


Alright, if you’re fond of taking selfies and pictures, then we recommend you go for this amazing app named Autodesk Pixlr. This app allows you to put different effect and text on your taken pictures. The functionality of the device is so easy. If you want to enhance your image, then just try this app once. If downloading process gives you difficulty, then you need to visit Kindle Com Support.

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Autodesk SketchBook


If you’re an artistic mind, then this app is made for you. Time to run your Kindle screen into a canvas by installing this Autodesk SketchBook on our device. You can choose the professional paint brushes, pencil, and other tools accordingly so you can create whatever going on your mind. The app is free, but some features hold little amount, if you want to explore those aspects, then you need to pay.

Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker by MyFitnessPal


Alright, if you’re health conscious, then you shouldn’t miss this amazing app. Just go the Google Play Store and download this app. After completion of installation process, you can able to count the calories those have been consumed by you. So, if you’re one of them those who are working on their belly fat exercise and all, then this app will help you out.



Feedly belongs to RSS feed reader which lets you make the arrangement of digital content such as blogs and articles of the magazine. Plus, you will also get a suggestion from this app regarding your interesting topic. We recommend you, once try this app, this one is free of cost. Rest if you need any Kindle Fire Support Help, then you can get in touch with professionals.

Amazon Echo Dot At A Very Lowest Price

Amazon Echo is no available at its lowest price ever from its launch over one year. You can now purchase a new Amazon Echo dot by just paying around £49.99. It might cost even less than this estimated price depending upon the different sites.

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Amazon Echo Dot is a device that works on the principal of Alexa application and is used for managing home appliances, making and receiving calls, to get information about traffic routes, listen to text messages, send messages, etc. Amazon Echo has always been available at a very cost effective price since its release, whereas other Echo devices cost much higher than the Amazon Echo Dot for e.g. full Blown Echo device costs around £150, Apple HomePod costs £300, etc. Amazon Echo Dot works on the same working principle of Full-Blown Echo device that requires almost £100 more than the Amazon Echo Dot’s price. The only difference between these devices is that Full-Blown Amazon Echo has the speakers fully around its body i.e. there are speakers all around the 360 degrees of its body, whereas the Amazon Eco Dot has speakers above the surface of its body. But in spite of this difference, you can perform all those tasks that an Amazon Full-Blown Echo supports.

It’s also easy to use you just need to pair the device with the help of Alexa application. You can also physically connect your devices to it with the 3.5mm audio wire. This cable doesn’t come with the Echo Dot, so you need to purchase it from the market. One you have done the Amazon Echo Setup then you can enjoy using it for e.g. playing music from any of your favorite online channels like Netflix, Showtime, Hulu, etc.

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Echo dot allows you to manage your home devices as you can switch On/Off the Lights, sprinklers, fans, etc. You can use it as assistant to open or close doors, book movie tickets, train tickets, reserve a cab, etc.

Echo Dot is capable enough to hear you voice commands even you are in another room or quite far from the device. It interprets the commands correctly even when you are in a boisterous environment for e.g. if loud music is playing around you. The inbuilt speaker in it allows you to set the alarm.

Thus all these features and the best cost effective price attracts the huge customer base towards it. Moreover, now it’s available at a much lower price around £49.99. Also if you buy this from the Amazon website, then it will cost you £39.99. It will cost £45 if you purchase it from eBay and will cost £49 from Tesco direct.

Amazon Echo Help

So place your order after reviewing its price on different sites and just keep watching the news for more updates related to it. Also free to contact Amazon Echo Support team in case of any problem related to Amazon devices.

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Check Out The Latest Amazon Echo Show’s “Drop In” Feature Over Amazon Echo.

The Amazon is now launching its new Amazon Echo show that has a “Drop in” feature over Amazon Echo. Amazon will now be ready to take orders for it within 5-6 working days. It has “Drop in” feature that will now allow placing a sudden video chat with the other person, but you need to get one-time approval from that person.

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Now be ready to enjoy the new Amazon Echo show with its new exceptional features. Now you can play videos on your Echo show device by just giving the command to your Alexa to play the particular video from Youtube, Prime videos, etc. You can get a brief description of the weather condition. You can check out the latest movie timings that are now available in theaters. It will help you in analyzing the traffic on different routes. Thus you can plan the route with least traffic before leaving home. It provides you alternate routes for heavy traffic routes. You can not get detailed description about the movies and shows you are watching. It enables you to view song lyrics written on the screen while you are playing the songs. The new Amazon Echo show is cable of placing video calls to your friends who are either using Amazon Echo show or any smartphone.

It has a unique feature called “Drop in” that allows you to place video chats instantly with the another Amazon Echo show users that have given you the approval to connect to then at any time. During the initial connection of video chat, the picture might be somewhat frozen, but no need to worry as it is normal and it would become Clear after some time. While using this feature whenever you will place a video chat to any of the allowed users then you will get directly linked and would be able to see the person on another side. The other person needs not to do anything to get connected to you, once he/she has allowed you to place video. The “Drop in” is an elective feature the people who like this can enable this option else, let it be disabled.

amazon echo

To obstruct the incoming video chats, you can enable the DO NOT DISTURB option either for selected contacts or all of your contacts. The green light on the Echo show device will keep glowing whenever you are on a Drop in video chat. Using this feature housewife’s can look after their baby when they are not at home. They just need to place an Amazon Echo Show in the room and enable it to receive video chat from your another Echo show device using the “Drop in” feature.

The initial price of this New Amazon Echo show is $229.99 with an excellent sound quality as compared to the older Amazon Echo and other speakers. It has a weight of  1.1 Kg with a 7-inch screen. Amazon will start placing orders for it within upcoming 6-7 days. So if you want to buy this Echo show then just place your order as soon as the shipment starts. Also just keep watching the upcoming news to get new updates related to Amazon Echo show.

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Do You Know The Biggest Hardware Problem Of Amazon Echo Device?

Amazon Echo is a smart device, which makes all your home devices smart. Echo and Dot both are smart devices, which works on Voice recognition technology. However, there are some glitches in these devices, which we need to work around. Software problems can be easily solved through power cycle but how to fix a Hardware problem?

amazon echo

There are some hardware problems which can be easily fixed but there are few which can’t be fixed easily. Today, we are going to discuss all those hardware problems reported in Amazon Echo Setup.

  1. Amazon Echo Microphone Problem: The main job of the microphone is to listen to your voice. If the Echo mic isn’t able to listen to your voice properly, then the first step you can try is moving the mic closer to your mouth.

If the problem still persists, then instead of opening the hardware, it is recommended to call at Amazon Echo Support number or go to authorized service store. You can’t repair the hardware by yourself. Tearing of stickers and removing screws at home may void the warranty of your device.

Go to Amazon ‘Alexa app’ from settings and tap on ‘Voice training’. Here your voice and speech patterns will get recorded for flawless results. If you still experience the same problem then go to a service store and get it repaired.

Another troubleshooting step to fix this problem is by using a third-party app named ‘Ubi’. This will bypass the speaker and your Amazon echo device will then be controlled through your smartphone.

  1. How To Download Ubi: Download the Ubi app from play store and connect it to the device through www Amazon Com Echosetup. You can now use your device easily without any need of a microphone. This app will bypass its use.
  2. Amazon Echo Wi-Fi And Bluetooth Issues: Like other Bluetooth devices, Amazon Echo also works on Bluetooth connectivity. However, occasionally you may get the problem in connecting your Amazon Echo with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection. This may happen once in every two blue moons. The reason behind this problem is the network not working properly or software problem. If you have tried all the fixes to solve this problem and still getting the problem then either go to ‘support for Amazon Echo’ link or go to Amazon store for replacing it.

If you are getting problem related to Wi-Fi connection, then check the Wi-Fi on other devices whether it’s working normally on it or not. Restarting all the network related devices may solve this problem. If the problem still exists, then check the warranty of your device and get it replaced from the storefront.

  1. Amazon Echo Speaker Problems: This problem may differ in Amazon Echo and Echo dot. Amazon Echo is packed with full-sized speaker whereas Echo Dot has small speaker placed beneath its body. The problem of the speaker is hardly reported in Echo Dot but is common in Amazon Echo.

amazon echo support.jpg

If your Amazon Bluetooth system is working fine, then it would be better to connect the secondary speaker to Echo through a connection. This will bypass the inbuilt speaker of your Amazon device. This is the best solution to this problem otherwise, you won’t be able to repair it on your own. Support for this problem is not even available on Amazon Echo Help link.

If your Amazon Echo speaker starts playing fuzzy, tinny and muted sounds, then there is no best option other than connecting the secondary speaker via Bluetooth. This is the best and the easiest fix for this problem. You can easily pair Bluetooth speakers to Amazon Echo just as you do for other Bluetooth devices. In case of any help, you can take Alexa app help from the link.