Check Out The Latest Amazon Echo Show’s “Drop In” Feature Over Amazon Echo.

The Amazon is now launching its new Amazon Echo show that has a “Drop in” feature over Amazon Echo. Amazon will now be ready to take orders for it within 5-6 working days. It has “Drop in” feature that will now allow placing a sudden video chat with the other person, but you need to get one-time approval from that person.

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Now be ready to enjoy the new Amazon Echo show with its new exceptional features. Now you can play videos on your Echo show device by just giving the command to your Alexa to play the particular video from Youtube, Prime videos, etc. You can get a brief description of the weather condition. You can check out the latest movie timings that are now available in theaters. It will help you in analyzing the traffic on different routes. Thus you can plan the route with least traffic before leaving home. It provides you alternate routes for heavy traffic routes. You can not get detailed description about the movies and shows you are watching. It enables you to view song lyrics written on the screen while you are playing the songs. The new Amazon Echo show is cable of placing video calls to your friends who are either using Amazon Echo show or any smartphone.

It has a unique feature called “Drop in” that allows you to place video chats instantly with the another Amazon Echo show users that have given you the approval to connect to then at any time. During the initial connection of video chat, the picture might be somewhat frozen, but no need to worry as it is normal and it would become Clear after some time. While using this feature whenever you will place a video chat to any of the allowed users then you will get directly linked and would be able to see the person on another side. The other person needs not to do anything to get connected to you, once he/she has allowed you to place video. The “Drop in” is an elective feature the people who like this can enable this option else, let it be disabled.

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To obstruct the incoming video chats, you can enable the DO NOT DISTURB option either for selected contacts or all of your contacts. The green light on the Echo show device will keep glowing whenever you are on a Drop in video chat. Using this feature housewife’s can look after their baby when they are not at home. They just need to place an Amazon Echo Show in the room and enable it to receive video chat from your another Echo show device using the “Drop in” feature.

The initial price of this New Amazon Echo show is $229.99 with an excellent sound quality as compared to the older Amazon Echo and other speakers. It has a weight of  1.1 Kg with a 7-inch screen. Amazon will start placing orders for it within upcoming 6-7 days. So if you want to buy this Echo show then just place your order as soon as the shipment starts. Also just keep watching the upcoming news to get new updates related to Amazon Echo show.

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