Do You Know The Biggest Hardware Problem Of Amazon Echo Device?

Amazon Echo is a smart device, which makes all your home devices smart. Echo and Dot both are smart devices, which works on Voice recognition technology. However, there are some glitches in these devices, which we need to work around. Software problems can be easily solved through power cycle but how to fix a Hardware problem?

amazon echo

There are some hardware problems which can be easily fixed but there are few which can’t be fixed easily. Today, we are going to discuss all those hardware problems reported in Amazon Echo Setup.

  1. Amazon Echo Microphone Problem: The main job of the microphone is to listen to your voice. If the Echo mic isn’t able to listen to your voice properly, then the first step you can try is moving the mic closer to your mouth.

If the problem still persists, then instead of opening the hardware, it is recommended to call at Amazon Echo Support number or go to authorized service store. You can’t repair the hardware by yourself. Tearing of stickers and removing screws at home may void the warranty of your device.

Go to Amazon ‘Alexa app’ from settings and tap on ‘Voice training’. Here your voice and speech patterns will get recorded for flawless results. If you still experience the same problem then go to a service store and get it repaired.

Another troubleshooting step to fix this problem is by using a third-party app named ‘Ubi’. This will bypass the speaker and your Amazon echo device will then be controlled through your smartphone.

  1. How To Download Ubi: Download the Ubi app from play store and connect it to the device through www Amazon Com Echosetup. You can now use your device easily without any need of a microphone. This app will bypass its use.
  2. Amazon Echo Wi-Fi And Bluetooth Issues: Like other Bluetooth devices, Amazon Echo also works on Bluetooth connectivity. However, occasionally you may get the problem in connecting your Amazon Echo with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection. This may happen once in every two blue moons. The reason behind this problem is the network not working properly or software problem. If you have tried all the fixes to solve this problem and still getting the problem then either go to ‘support for Amazon Echo’ link or go to Amazon store for replacing it.

If you are getting problem related to Wi-Fi connection, then check the Wi-Fi on other devices whether it’s working normally on it or not. Restarting all the network related devices may solve this problem. If the problem still exists, then check the warranty of your device and get it replaced from the storefront.

  1. Amazon Echo Speaker Problems: This problem may differ in Amazon Echo and Echo dot. Amazon Echo is packed with full-sized speaker whereas Echo Dot has small speaker placed beneath its body. The problem of the speaker is hardly reported in Echo Dot but is common in Amazon Echo.

amazon echo support.jpg

If your Amazon Bluetooth system is working fine, then it would be better to connect the secondary speaker to Echo through a connection. This will bypass the inbuilt speaker of your Amazon device. This is the best solution to this problem otherwise, you won’t be able to repair it on your own. Support for this problem is not even available on Amazon Echo Help link.

If your Amazon Echo speaker starts playing fuzzy, tinny and muted sounds, then there is no best option other than connecting the secondary speaker via Bluetooth. This is the best and the easiest fix for this problem. You can easily pair Bluetooth speakers to Amazon Echo just as you do for other Bluetooth devices. In case of any help, you can take Alexa app help from the link.


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