Amazon Is Offering Huge Discounts On Its Upcoming Amazon Prime Day On 11th Of July, Tuesday 2017.

Amazon is going to celebrate its annual day on 11th of July, Tuesday. Amazon will offer significant discounts on all of its products starting from 6-7 hours before the onset of this Amazon prime day. There will up to 40% off on some of the Kindle subscriptions.

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Amazon is offering huge discounts on its upcoming Amazon prime day on 11th of July, Tuesday 2017. These discounts are, especially for Amazon Prime members. The deals for Kindle Unlimited and Music Unlimted are the best beneficial deals with huge discounts.

An excellent opportunity for new people to join Amazon at a very discounted price as Amazon is providing off up to £79 over one year of subscription. This discount is available until 3rd of July this year. The people who will register with Amazon before 3rd of July will get many advantages.

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Some of which are as follows :

  1.  Faster delivery within one day i.e. they can receive the order within one day, or on the similar day depending on the time you placed your order.
  2. The Prime video members can enjoy unlimited movies and shows.
  3. Through Prime music, they can gain access to more than thousands of play stations.
  4. They can read countless books, magazines, and newspapers from any of their devices like mobile phone, tablet or any of your E-readers.
  5. Enjoy unlimited access to all latest games with Twitch Prime subscription.
  6. With Amazon Prime photos they can keep a backup for all their lovely pics by saving them to Amazon drive.
  7. An exclusive right to get updates about all new upcoming offers from Amazon i.e. whenever a new deal arrives then the Prime members will receive a half hour early notification as compared to rest other subscribers.

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The Amazon Prime day discounts will start from 6-7 hours before 11th of July. Within every five minutes, an announcement for a new offer will be made. It may start on 10th of July from 6 pm onwards till the end of 11th July. The Amazon will give more than thousands of discounts within these 30 hours. So don’t miss the chance to pick the one you find the best.

The people who are one of the prime subscribers of Amazon can get up to 40% off on Kindle Unlimited membership for two years. They can get their two-year subscription at a discounted price of $143.86. If you are fond of audio books then also you can receive the same 40% discount on six months subscription i.e. it might cost you $8.95 a month. Thus it’s an excellent opportunity for all kind of Kindle users to save the money they usually used to pay for their reading. Moreover, the main deals are yet to start on 10th July in the evening so just wait for those to come in.

So, don’t forget to check in the Amazon Prime day’s upcoming deals and keep watching the news for more updates on Kindle.

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