Amazon Echo Might Face its Biggest Change Ever

Amazon Is planning to grant the third-party manufacturers access to seven microphone software and array that will enable its smart speaker in picking out the voice commands even in loud environment this have claimed by the sources.

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Amazon might allow other companies to use the hardware that powers Amazon Echo smart speaker, according to a new report. Until now Amazon has allowed third-party companies to integrate the Alexa smart assistant into their products., but without the seven-microphone software and array that powers the Amazon Echo and Echo Dot. But that could be about to change, this is what the new reports have claimed.

The companies are looking to build Alexa into their products could apply to use the powerful seven microphone software and array that enables the Echo to pick out voice commands from the other background noise.

Amazon uses the beam forming technology with its microphones to pin-point the users. The enhanced noise cancellation strips out the any kind of background hubbub, along with enabling the Amazon Echo to hear the spoken commend even when the speaker itself is playing music. Opening up the technology to the third-party companies could make the development of Alexa device much faster. And since the hardware will be using the same technology that powers the Amazon Echo, it will likely to make them more accurate.

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Rather than spending time and money in developing a microphone array of their own, companies can simply go to Amazon and use its existing one which will work ultimately. But the online ecommerce giant has not confirmed whether it will be charging third-parties for accessing the hardware designs. However, it has provided some details on its approval process, which requires the developers to apply to Amazon providing the details on the type of Alexa enabled device they want to process and how many units they want to ship.

On the other hand, Microsoft is believed to be almost ready to start testing its Amazon Echo style smart speakers with consumers.

The hands free smart home device, which was first teased by luxury audio brand Harman Kardon earlier this year is also expected to launch soon. Microsoft has teased the upcoming announcement itself. The Redmond based technology company has recently debuted a new smartphone app for its virtual assistant Cortana, named Device Setup. The application walks users through the setup process for the Cortana powered home devices. The problem is for now at least these Cortana powered home appliances actually don’t exist. Microsoft has yet to formally unveil a smart speaker running its Siri and Alexa rival Cortana. According to anonymous sources to blog MS powerhouse, the company is preparing for inviting Cortana users in the United States to be the part of the device pilot scheme soon. The final product will probably be revealed on the sag at the developer conference of the company, dubbed Microsoft Build next month. Build is often a launch platform for the Microsoft hardware. The 2017 developer conference is being held in Seattle Washington between 10th and 12th May, 2017.

The smart speaker will unlikely to be revealed during the opening keynote for Build 2017 alongside the new information on the Windows 10 operating system update and the eagerly awaited Microsoft Surface Pro 5. Few details have been surfaced about the connected Cortana gadget. However, it is powers by the same voice assistant that the Windows 10 Creator Update taskbar has. It is likely the speaker will have the same functionality. It means that the users will likely o ask the general knowledge question, check the weather, play music, check flights and their rates, set alarms and timers, book appointment, and more, without even lifting a finger.

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