How You Can Lock Down Your Privacy On Amazon Echo?

Amazon Echo is a smart speaker by ecommerce giant that comes with a wonderful digital assistant named Alexa and it listens to your everything and responds to your queries. But it feels odd that these is one who is trying to enter in to your private space by listening and recording everything that it listens. Let’s check out how you can lock your Privacy with Amazon Echo.

amazon echosetup help

Amazon Echo is a smart speaker that is always in your living room, listens to our voice commands, pulls the random bits of trivia from the web, splitting out weather forecasts, and controlling and managing the growing number of home appliances. They are always listening and currently, there is no way to know when they are listening and when not. So, how can you control the speakers and stop them revealing your most intimate speakers. You can know more about your Echo by taking Amazon Echo Help.

There are not many fixes as there should be, but take an hour and you can at least keep your smart speakers away from sharing too many of your secrets, even of you can’t stop it from listening in on all of yours.

The Amazon Echo is a very capable smart speaker. It can announce your schedule from Google Calendar or Outlook, read out your emails, and order pizza, depending up on the skills configured by you in amazon Echo. But unfortunately, there is no quick fix for stopping Tv ads or your kids from controlling your echo and triggering any of these functions, but you can put certain blocks in place. Amazon is currently claimed to be working on tweaks to stop its smart speakers from responding to the voices of TV and radio. You can contact Amazon Echo Support, in case you have any query or difficulty.

You can change the wake work of Echo from Alexa to Amazon, Echo, or computer. Though the options are limited but you can try doing this.

amazon echo help.png

The first step is easy but could severely hampers the usefulness of Amazon Echo Setup. You can turn off all the voice input via the mute button on the top of the Echo. It is not going to stop a determined voice hacker, but it works for all commercials.

The next thing you can do is to change the wake word for the smart speakers from Alexa to one of the four different options. Go to settings menu of Alexa app, click on your device, then choose the wake word. Again, not most secure lock in the world, but enough to stop some incidents.

Third, you can set up a PIN for protecting the unwanted purchases ordered by our kids or anyone else who wants to try and order something form your Amazon account. Go to the option of voice purchasing from the settings menu in the Alex app and you can set up a PIN or disable voice purchasing altogether. Any PIN that you will configure has to be spoken out for confirming a purchase from Echo. Grab the details and more details related to your Echo from Amazon Echo Setup.

A PIN code will stop accidental purchases. Beyond all these steps, in terms of stopping other people from hearing your calendar details or to do lists, all you can really do is turn off all these skills. It is up to you where you strike the balance between privacy and convenience.

A couple of other tips might help like you can turn on a notification sound to alert you when Alexa is listening, which might stop a few accidental commands getting through. Also, choose History from the main settings page to see if there are any voice commands you don’t recognize just to ensure that people are not getting crazy with the Echo while you are away. For more information, you can navigate to www Amazon Com Echosetup.


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