Amazon Alexa’s Most Common Issues And Their Fixes

Amazon Echo is a device that is not only your smart speakers but also your personal digital assistant. But there are times on which your digital assistant Alexa gives you some issues. So, we have come up some of the common issues with Alexa and their quick fixes. Read the article and know more about it.

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Amazon Eco, Echo Dot, and Tap all are brilliant at their ends along with their personal digital assistant Alexa. Alexa has the skill to do almost everything that you can think off. Alexa has nearly 10000 skills in it. So, many things at times can create some issues. Alexa might not work properly. Many Alexa users have complaint about the issues with Alexa that they are facing. After all digital assistant is a technology, so you can’t expect to be perfect. Not only Echo users, but also the users of Dot and Tap has also reported the same issues related to Alexa as their platform is same. So, here we have come with a small guide of some common issues with this digital assistant Alexa n their quick fixes:

Alexa Don’t Understand

It’s a sinking feeling when Alexa responds to you, I’m sorry, I don’t understand the question. In fact, you can expect this reply, as it might have become the commonplace in your home. No matter how hard you try to communicate with Alexa, sometime it just doesn’t understand. If you encounter this issue many times, then try calibrating your voice through voice training tool. You can find this tool in Alexa app under settings > voice training, which will activate the process. Your Echo and Dot will cycle through 25 phrases that you will need to speak hard so Alexa can understand you better. In case of any difficulty Amazon Echo Help can be taken.

If the issue continues, then try to find out what Alexa though you said. The app keeps the record of all your voice commands. So, you can see when and what goes wrong. For this open Alexa app, go to settings > History. Though you can’t retrain the misrepresented words, but you can identify what Alexa is having trouble understanding.

Echo Keeps Getting Activated

The default wake word for Dot and Echo devices is Alexa, which can sometimes be triggered by your TV commercials or radio broadcasts. Worst thing is that if you have placed your Echo near TV and you watch any YouTube video about Echo, it will activate the listening feature of Echo. Fortunately, the wake word for Echo and Dot can be changed from Alexa to something else. Go to settings > Your Echo > change wake word. Then you can select from pre-defined words Amazon, Echo, Computer including Alexa. Amazon Echo Support can be taken in case of any query.

Wi-fi Connectivity Is Not Working

This issue can occur due to many reasons. On the bottom of the device at the back, you will notice a power LED light which is when white is good. It means you are connected to internet, but when it is orange, then it means no internet access.

The first thing that you should try is rebooting your device and router. If applicable, you can also reboot your modem. If the issue is not fixed, then that might be the problem with interference. In this case, you try to move your device closer to router or modem or you can try to keep away those things that create interference. If the modem is dual band then you can switch the frequency from 2.4 GHz to 5 GHz.

Bluetooth Connectivity Not Working

Bluetooth can be finicky at times. Then the best thing that you can do is to un-pair and then re-pair the devices. This can be done through Alexa app settings > Bluetooth > Clear All Paired devices, it will clear everything. If you are having issue in pairing the device, then make sure that your Echo and wireless device are compatible. Echo only supports Advanced Audio Distribution, Profile (A2DP SNK) and audio/ video Remote Control Profile (AVRCP). So, if your device is not compatible, it will not sync. In case of any query or information, Support for Amazon Echo can be taken.


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