Amazon Echo Is About Get An Amazing Upgrade.

Amazon Echo has been loaded with countless features and now it is going to get an amazing upgrade that will make it more useful and make your Echo experience far better than ever. Let’s check what is that new update that Amazon Echo is going to get.


Your own smart speakers, Amazon Echo Setup, comes loaded with thousands of features that help you in making your life easier. Now it is getting a new upgrade that will make it a whole lot smarter. Now your Amazon echo is going to whole lot more personal also.

These smart speakers have been a major success for Amazon since their release last summer with users praising it’s easy to use technology and hundreds of useful features offered by Alexa, the personal digital assistant. Now Amazon is working on a whole new update that will Amazon Echo even ore simple than before.

Amazon is planning on a new update in Alexa, the digital assistant, that will allow the service to tell the users apart just by the sound of their voice. Presently, users need to use Alexa app to switch between the accounts who use Alexa enabled devices such Amazon Echo and Amazon Echo Dot. They can also say Alexa, switch accounts. But now the new update will make differentiating between user quicker and easier than before.

But the sources have reported that the new feature reportedly code named Voice ID will prove useful in offices or households where there are multiple users to interact with Alexa and will also allow the service to disguise between multiple accounts. This could make the ordering and online shopping very easy and comfortable. The introduction of this kind of feature by Amazon makes some sense as well because it will allow the Echo to develop many of its popular features and apps. This will also include the improvement of ability of Amazon Echo to make personalized recommendations for the products such as songs or other media.

Voice Id can also be used for authenticating any of the purchases made through Alexa securely. It means now there will be no risk of children accidentally running up the large amount bills. It will help in telling weather and news information to the users with different tastes and the traffic information to those who are heading to separate destinations. Get more information about the new update at Amazon Echo Support.

Amazon hasn’t confirmed yet about any such feature but such a launch will surely prove another great expansion to both Amazon Echo and Alexa.


Earlier this week the company announced that Alexa will now offer potentially lifesaving information to the users. Now the customers in US can ask Alexa about what to do when someone suffers a range of medical emergencies. But as these are emergencies that needs urgent treatment, Alexa will first ask you to call 911 before giving you other instructions. Take Amazon Echo Help to know more about this feature.

Another announcement made by Amazon recently was that Alexa support is now coming to Fire Tv Stick. The update Fire TV Stick that plugs straight into the HDMI port of the TV, has just received a major refresh and now it includes Alexa, a clever personal assistant of Amazon.

This added cloud based service means that now users can search the things like TV shows, latest weather, and news reports via new remote which is voice controlled. Now you can also see the latest football scores, traffic issues and even order a taxi via TV with the help of Alexa. For more information, you can visit www Amazon Com Echosetup.


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