What Are The Features And Specifications Of Amazon Fire TV Stick?

Amazon Fire TV Stick lets you stream your favorite content easily and within no time. It has a lot many features that makes your streaming experience wonderful. Read the article and know more about Amazon Fire TV Stick.

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Initially for buying a splendid TV you need to spend a huge sum of money. The additional requirement was to have HDMI and a USB stick. Then came set top boxes for streaming various channels like Roku 3, Apple TV or Amazon Fie TV. Then came streaming dongles like Google Chromecast. This is thumb drive like device that easily fits inside and out behind a TV. Amazon’s comeback product was Amazon Fire TV Stick for Google’s Chromecast. Fire Stick Support can be taken to know more about fire TV stick.

Features And Specs

The Fire TV Stick of Amazon is exceptional and diminutive. It easily fits with most of the HDMI port of the TVs. You can stream almost every type of content with this streaming stick like Netflix, Sky News, Spotify, iPlayer along with Amazon prime Video. You can stream full HD content with this stick. This little streamer is an absolute bargain. You can take Fire Stick Help in case of any query or details.

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Amazon’s Fire TV Stick comes with dual core processor with Broadcom Capri 28155 CPU along with a video core 4 GPU. It can stream HD content at 1080p with 8GB internal storage and 1GB Ram. It has dual band Wi-fi antenna. It runs on Fire OS3.0 based on android 4.2 Jelly Bean. Its setup is almost as same as Roku streaming stick and Google Chromecast. It comes with a remote which is smaller and compact as compared to Fire TV box. The great thing about this stick is that it’s just plug and play. It comes with full Amazon Fire Tv Support.

The UI of fire TV is not much different from Fire TV box. Apps load up faster and if you navigate around the user interface there is no lag at all. All the apps and games are powered by Amazon app store and the storage is backed by Amazon cloud storage. For more information, Fire Tv Support can be taken.


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